Smoking Room Policy

Smoking Rooms


Seasonally, we generally only have 1 to 3 designated smoking rooms. Guests are otherwise required to smoke outside, made easier in the summer while we have lawn chairs & tables out for your comfort. Call early if a smoking room is preferred.

Smoking Charges


At check-in, the card you sign acknowledges that you have accepted a non-smoking room. If we find that you have smoked in the room (believe me, it is very obvious when its been smoked in!), you will be charged $50 for the extra cleaning required. We want to make sure every guest is comfortable. Smoking in a clean room is inconsiderate and unhealthy for some guests with health issues. WE WILL NOT TOLERATE POLLUTING OUR NON-SMOKING ROOMS. Go to another hotel if we do not have a smoking room available. Thank you on behalf of our non-smoking guests.