Boat Parking Policy

To better monitor boats parking on our property, we've instituted the following policy because no one should get "free" parking. We simply want to encourage boat parkers to stay at the motel, not just do day trips. Otherwise, you can leave your boat at Poor Richard's to come and go at will. 

Each boat owner planning to leave a boat on our lot between motel stays is asked to review and sign a waiver as described below.  Each boat owner will be assessed $100 in advance of parking as a deposit for one season. Parking is permitted thru end of September.

As for the deposit, each time the boat owner stays at our motel, you will receive $25 discount off the regular room rate. This discount is applied per stay, not per night and the total discount per month will not exceed $50 until the deposit paid is used up in that year, not transferrable to the next year. At end of the season, anything not used is not refundable. 

Waiver specifics: Boat owner will provide contact info along with type of vessel. The boat owner understands that he/she is solely responsible for the vessel. The motel owner will be held harmless for any damages. Be aware that our lot is not fenced but there are lights throughout area. The boat needs to be moved regularly so grass can be maintained.