Smoking Policy

After March 2018, we will no longer offer any smoking rooms.  Ask our staff and they can suggest another motel for smoking rooms. In the meantime, we offer non-smoking rooms because the smoking room is too difficult to rent. I cannot afford to have an empty room that no one wants.


Every guest will be reminded that they reserved a non-smoking room.  Smoking Guest:  We  have provided tables and chairs outside of each room March thru December for your convenience along with ash cans to keep our parking areas clean.

    Smoking Charges

    At check-in, the card you sign acknowledges that you have accepted a non-smoking room. If we find that you have smoked in the room, you will be charged $50 for the extra cleaning required. If you are a new guest with us and paying cash, you will be asked for a credit card number or cash deposit. Once we determine the room was left in proper condition, we will destroy the card number or return the deposit.